08 Call Your Girlfriend

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend

This song combines so many of my favorite things, I don’t even know where to begin.  Okay, first let’s start with the fact that is has a pretty typical housey euro beat, which for some reason I haven’t started hating yet.  Second, I don’t know if it’s apparent through this blog, but I definitely having fantasies about having sex in some dirty, drug-filled club, which would preferably be in London, but I’ll take what I can get.

THIRD, and I feel guilty about this, is that it’s from the perspective of the “other woman.”  I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt some sort of camaraderie and passion for this woman.  Maybe because I secretly think it would be kind of hot to BE that woman.  There, I said it - secret’s out.  If you didn’t already, you can now feel free to think I’m a terrible human being.

Naked Kids

Grouplove- Naked Kids

Hey, do you like, wanna drive along the Pacific Coast Highway with me?  And like, I don’t know, we could make out a lot in your convertible or something?  Like get naked and stuff?  And just not worry about anything else for a few goddamn minutes this summer?  

I mean, I’m not wearing underwear today, we could just like DO this, right here and now, like only if you want.  I mean, I just feel like it’s the summer and I’m wearing a sundress with a shoulder ba and our skin is all healthy and tan and a little sweaty, so let’s just do this thang.  I’m game if you are.

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog

I figured I should return from my hiatus with a really fuckin’ sexy song, and I can’t think of a better one than this.  Black Dog has been sexy since the early 70s, and goddamit, those hippies got it right.  

I should probably address that Robert Plant’s voice is likely one of the sexiest there has ever been.  In the opening line of the song he doesn’t even have instrumental accompaniment, but it’s still like, “Oh my god, where have my pants gone?”  With a voice like a sex god, you really can’t go wrong.

Video included because, come on, who doesn’t want to see Robert Plant flailing around in ultra low rise jeans?  Why don’t rockstars still dress like that?  Oh yeah, because they’d look retarded.


Not really back from the dead, just an incredibly prolonged hiatus, for which I gave no warning and I greatly apologize.  I’m not sure why I stopped - still trying to figure out whether the holidays make me happy or depressed; white girl problems, amirite?  On that note, I think my possible depression had to do with a perfect storm of feelings - I realized I was following a tween boy and not wanting to seem like a pedophile because of the sexually explicit content, I unfollowed and he told me my blog was horrible anyways :(

I also watched Shit Girls Say about 7 times and I was both tormented by my unoriginality and the incredibly stupid things that I spout off on a daily basis.  

But that’s over now.  I have re-filled my xanax prescription, and I am good to gettin’ back to you fine people and music to make fucky too (ugh, was that as gross to read as it was to write?  whatever, I am a filled with a new confidence and it stays.)

Let’s get sezual.

A message from urbanmode
I enjoy listening to all the music you post! I love reading the text too; it's like watching a super awesome trailer and being SO psyched to watch the whole movie! Keep it up :)

Wow, thanks darlin’!  It’s really nice to read something like that because it’s what keeps me posting sexy music like it’s my jobbb (I wish it was.)

Welcome Home, Son
Radical Face

Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son

Does anyone out there have a hometown hottie?  You know, that one person you can always count on to be down for poundtown when you’re visiting the ‘rents?  This song is a perfect shout out to that hometown hottie.  This person is great because they know who you were before you went to college, smoked a lot of weed, listened to some good music, attended some humanities courses, and then developed a crippling anxiety disorder - and I think that’s rather comforting.

 Maybe he/she is a soulmate that you’ll always think about, or maybe he/she is just a  hot slampiece, but I can’t think of anyone more perfect to share that pre-coital blunt and that post-coital cigarette.

A message from Anonymous
cuz, I have to know if that's you in the page background image or not (the ripped tights are totally you). If so, rad. If not, also rad because it makes your blog that much better.


No, that’s not me.  And I’m over ripped tights.  Sooo 2k10.

But thanks, cuz!  U R RAD.

PS - Does getting anonymous messages qualify as “making it?”  Because if so…

Pa Pa Power
Dead Man's Bones

Dead Man’s Bones - Pa Pa Power

I know I did a Dead Man’s Bones post recently, but I received a submission from rad follower, stephantron and when I get a halfway decent submission, I feel compelled not to ignore it.  (You guys should see some of these suggestions - I mean, you would think some of them never wanted to laid.  Geez.)

To me, this is the perfect song for the lone high school hipster yearning for a dance with his art pixie longtime crush.  He puts this on and all the bros in their rented tuxes are like “Uh, I can’t thrust on bitches to this,” and the leave the floor to makeout with said glittery bitches against the cafeteria walls.  

Our lone hero takes to the floor, sweeping his indie dreamgirl with him and hopes for a first kiss which will be awkward at best.  Everyone scorns his musical taste, but little do they know that he’s actually ahead of the game and will probs be really cool in college.  But not after his girl breaks his heart, thus making him tortured and hot.  #happyending.

/Melodrama.  But isn’t it pretty to think about the wallflowers?  

A message from nimfeach
thank you! your tumblr is amazing, thanks for introducing me to so much music :] love

aw geez.  thanks, love!